Botanic Gardens Kiel

Botanic Gardens Kiel in academic teaching

The Botanic Gardens Kiel are involved in several aspects of academic teaching at Kiel University. For example, the Gardens provide study material for various curricula for the degree of Bachelor in Science in Biology and for further curricula of the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences (AEF) serving more than 500 students per year. This is also the case for the various curricula for the degree of Master of Science, the courses of which take place directly within the Gardens.

Within the diverse courses, the Botanic Gardens are used as an ideal place in which students can learn how to explain complex biological science to an interested lay audience. This forms part of the courses and practicals. The booklets providing the guided tours for discovering the gardens on your own are based on projects carried out by students as part of their theses within the curriculum for the degree of "Master of Education". This also applies to the teaching modules concerning botanical topics for school classes; these modules have been developed and are offered in cooperation with the Kiel Science Factory.