Botanic Gardens Kiel

The Botanic Gardens Kiel cover an area of eight hectares. In addition to the Gardens themselves, seven large greenhouses are open to the public.

airviewThe eight hectares of gardens contain, amongst others, selections of plants from the flora of America and Asia, and, in the Alpine section, plants from the high mountain ranges of the world. In wandering along our 10 kilometres of paths, you can travel around the world within a short period of time. You can walk past trees from Patagonia, take a look at plants of the Rocky Mountains and the Himalayas and finally arrive at plants typically seen in Japan. In the teaching biotopes of the European section, you can experience a variety of native environments such as moor, heath, alder swamp or sand dunes. You can also investigate biological mechanisms such as the ecology of pollination and species dispersal. Around an idyllic inner courtyard, you will find seven greenhouses that are open to the public. Here, you can admire plants from the tropical rainforests, cloud forests and the deserts of America and Africa. The plants of the Mediterranean House are not limited to species from the Mediterranean but also originate from those areas of Australia, California and South America that have a Mediterranean type of climate. Plants from the Canarian Islands and plants with exotic fruits can be seen along the path through the greenhouse. Meanwhile, the Victoria water lilies and the Titan arums vie for your attention.